Who We Are

Naturally Resilient Communities

Communities today face more challenges than ever before. From weather-related disasters and public health crises to needs for economic development, the demands on our communities’ limited resources are growing. This is where the work of the Naturally Resilient Communities partnership comes in.

Naturally Resilient Communities is a partnership of county governments, professional engineers, community planners, floodplain managers, and conservationists who work with communities to improve their quality of life and economies. The Naturally Resilient Communities project is made possible with support from the Kresge Foundation includes the following partners:

The partnership is focused on helping communities use nature-based solutions that address multiple needs, with a focus on reducing impacts from floods and storms, improved water quality, enhanced recreational opportunities, and better habitat for fish and wildlife. We help communities determine what nature-based solutions are best for them. We promote the best examples of communities that use nature-based solutions to solve multiple problems and produce multiple benefits. And we advance local, state and national policies and programs that enable consideration of and provide funding for solutions that produce multiple benefits, including flood risk reduction.